The International Chair in Scientific Medical Justice [Short Name: International Chair in Justice or ICMJ or ICJ] is the initiative taken by GLAFIMS Association in its foundation meeting on December 31, 2021.   The establishment of ICMJ is purely within the bylaws of GLAFIMS. GLAFIMS Association is a registered body under section 8 of company registration act 2013, India. The ICMJ or ICJ is not involved in justice system of any country including Indian Justice System. The main aim of ICMJ or ICJ is to scholarly facilitate the prevailing legal systems.


 “Academic advancement of relevant scientific medical knowledge to facilitate the criminal justice administration system



1.      Academic advancement of relevant scientific medical knowledge to facilitate the criminal justice administration system by teaching and training of undergraduate and post-graduate students

2.      To coordinate and stimulate an International Network of Institutes for Forensic Medicine, Investigative Medicine and Allied health Specialities in higher education institutes, and

3.      To develop an up-to-date syllabus for relevant forensic medicine education which will satisfy the requirements of medical schools in the world.

 Click here to apply for Establishment of Scientific Chair of Medical Justice at your institute [Accepting Application for Year 2024]

Pay Application Professing Fee: INR 5000 [One Time, Non-Refundable]

Establishment Donation [Income Tax Exemption]: INR 50,000 [Paid after approval of Application]





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