Guidelines for Ethical Communication on WhatsApp Groups: Volume 1 Issue 1- Wednesday, January 26, 2022

It is a very common practice for people to join a WhatsApp group by link or added by admin. Sometimes participation leads to an unwanted outcome including insulting other members and posting irrelevant materials. GLAFIMS framed below guidelines intended for Ethical Communication in WhatsApp groups in business and non-business interactions. It has been a misnomer in the mind of WhatsApp users that the WhatsApp group is an academic group. WhatsApp is utilizable for informal communications between group members or is a virtual replacement of side table dinner talks rather than a formal academic presentation of a research paper. For academic discussions highly developed platforms are available.

General Guidelines


1.               All users of the WhatsApp group are asked to read and follow the notes and guidelines. They are also encouraged to follow these guidelines while interacting in groups.

2.               It is the responsibility of the admin to put a link to these guidelines on the group description so that it can be easily accessible to group members.

3.               While posting a message in the group, the responsibility of authenticity of information will go to the person who posted the information. In case of the forwarded message, he/she should mention as Forwarded As it is or FAII code.

4.               All members enjoy equal rights in the group, this is not any different by any trait.

5.               All Admins have equal rights.

6.               It is the right of the admin to control the administrative aspects without encouraging or discouraging the freedom of speech of the members.

7.               In case of violation of major and minor criteria, admins have the right to take action as prescribed below in this document or with their vision acceptable to all members.

8.               The admin doesnít need to inform the violator before taking action.

9.               Members who do not agree to the terms and conditions have the right to exit the group any time without prior notice to the admin.

10.            In case of any dispute, it is advisable not to interact with each other.

11.            Messages posted on the WhatsApp groups should be supportive and respectful.

12.            Offloading frustration and expressing strong feelings are not acceptable in interacting with the WhatsApp group. Personal emotional outburst with mutual agreements is not within the purview of GLAFIMS Guidelines but try to keep your language moderate and your criticism constructive.

13.            Respect the confidentiality of anything posted on the group, and avoid mentioning names and other details in your posts and if there is any risk that these mentions could cause you difficulties. Donít name professionals during the interactions.

14.            Remember that the other people in the group want to hear about successes as well as problems.

15.            Itís okay to make passing comments on whatís happening around you, whether its football results, politics, the weather, etc.

16.            Links to online information posted in WhatsApp messages should relevant to the vision of the group admin. Links and other requests should not be posted if they relate to commercial services, unrelated campaigns, or personal appeals.

17.            Some group members may message you directly. There is no obligation to answer.

If this direct personal approach does not suit you

18.            You are expected to be patient and allow new members to find their feet in the group. 19. You are expected to give new members time, space, and peace to observe, to watch conversations, to see how to communicate.

20. Group admin has the right to take recommended action without any bias. However, it is the responsibility of the admin to provide the member a chance to explain and reconsider the decisions if the admin is satisfied with the explanation. Admin is encouraged to give a grievance redressal forum for members.




Your mobile phone number is required to join WhatsApp. It is not possible to hide your mobile phone number in WhatsApp. Please be aware your mobile phone number is visible to anyone else in the same WhatsApp discussion group as you. It is forbidden to misuse the mobile phone number of any other participant in the group.



Actions for violators


Minor Issues: remarks to others which not acceptable, error posting is a minor issue

1.     Warning notice.

2.     Temporary removal from the group

3.     Permanent removal from the group

Major Issus: antisocial or criminal activities, unacceptable contents

1.     Immediate removal.

2.     Permanent Ban on member

3.     Report to the competent authority.



Disclaimer: These guidelines are framed by GLAFIMS from time to time within the scope of our vision and mission. GLAFIMS has no legal authority over groups following these guidelines. 1. Guidelines for Ethical Communication on WhatsApp Groups [PDF]. These are applicable for ethical WhatsApp communications. All WhatsApp groups are authorized to follow these guidelines. GLAFIMS has no control of any legal or ethical values of any group. These guidelines are framed to promote ethical communications in the WhatsApp group. For obtaining the GLAFIMS Compliance Certificate please fill-up the form. Please visit the website regularly for updated guidelines. GLAFIMS has no authority/legal and ethical responsibility for any WhatsApp group or related content.


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