Your application for Scholarship/request for financial reward is subject to formal approval from competent authority. 

As per policy prescribed by Income Tax Department, Government of INDIA. Any kind of Membership fee cannot be claimed for Income Tax Exemption Under 80G.

The Criteria for Scholarship/Financial Reward is

1. Professionals of High Reputation working for uplift of the specialty in accordance to the vision and mission of GLAFIMS ACADEMY.

2. Editor in Chief or Associate and Assistant Editor at any reputed scientific medical journal.

3. Office Bearer of IAFM, PAFMAT, ICFMT.

4. Members residing in UN list of least developed countries  

5. Members of organization of associated specialties [IAFM, PAFMAT, ICFMT etc].

6. Members of organization obtained official Collaboration with GLAFIMS ACADEMY. To know about list of approved collaborator Click Here

7. Letter of Recommendation obtained by office bearers of GLAFIMS.

8 Letter of Recommendation obtained by Members Advisory Panel of GLAFIMS.

9. Letter of Recommendation obtained by Members of Governing Council of GLAFIMS.

10. Letter of Recommendation obtained by GLOBAL COORDINATORS of GLAFIMS.

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