Governing Council-2022 [Founder]



Honorary Global Coordinator

Dr Imran Sabri,



Honorary Vice-President

Dr Pragesh B. Parmar, MBBS, MD


Honorary General Secretary [Acting]

Dr Sundaragiri Suraj, MD


Honorary Treasurer

Dr Afzal Haroon, MD


Honorary Joint Secretary [Acting]

Dr Chaitanya Mittal, Kharagpur


Executive Members

Dr Vijay Pal Khanagwal
Dr Parmod Kumar Goyal
Dr Vijay Pal Khanagwal
Dr Pooja Rastogi
Dr.Pooja Chakraborty
Dr Barakha Gupta
Dr Richa Choudhury
Dr Seema Sutay
Dr Yatiraj Singi
Dr Richa Gupta
Dr George Paul
Dr R. Sridhara Chary
Dr B. Vasanth Naik
Ms Roma Khan
Dr Kamran Ahmad

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